Sustainability and ESG

Our focus for the future

We will ensure that transparency and integrity are at the heart of these next steps - prioritising the swift and consistent emissions reductions that our commitments rely upon.

To maintain a complete picture of our risks and opportunities and ensure conformity with TCFD recommendations and SBTi criteria, Modulaire commits to these important actions:

  • The provision of good quality, verifiable ESGS data for climate-related focus.
  • Resource efficiency across energy consumption (including renewables), logistics, waste, and water use.
  • Maintain a full suite of climate-related risks and opportunities, including financial quantification where appropriate and detailed Climate Adaptation Plans. Modulaire Group will be able to justify why climate-related risk management decisions are made.

You can access the Sustainability Report at any time. Download the PDF now

Action Plan for 2024

  1. Electrification
  2. Reduce absolute Scope 1 and 2 emissions in metric tonnes CO2 by 7.5% (vs 2020)
  3. Circular economy with Scope 3 mitigation measures
  4. Establish carbon emissions reduction plans for Transport
  5. Resource efficiency
  1. Safety - Reduce LTIFR by 20% yoy
  2. Increase total number of female employees and women at senior management level
  3. Paid voluntary time of 5,000 hrs
  4. Participate in three UN days across our Group
  5. Social value measurement
  1. Progress Cybersecurity and ABC Training
  2. CSRD-ready
  3. Implementation of Biodiversity Policy and Plans
  4. Increase EcoVadis accreditation to 10