Modulaire Group is a leading business services company specialising in modular space.

Operations in 24 countries in Europe and APAC

175 depots and branches including 14 design and assembly fleets.

Rental fleet of over 250,000 modular units across a range of industries


Industries and Services
Public Administration
Energy and Natural Resources

Proven, resilient business model

Diverse customer base, in terms of geographic footprint and sector mix
Mission critical service and a low % of project costs
Long-term contracts 
Long-life, adaptable assets
Flexible cost base / capex flexibility

Focused execution and strategy driving continued growth

Efficient cost base
Optimising balance of volume versus price
Effective capital investment
Targeted M&A

Underpinned by long-term structural growth

Rapid Urbanisation

Many of our customers are working to meet the demand for new infrastructure. Our spaces are crucial to their success.

Demographic change

As populations grow and age, the need for education, healthcare and housing increases.

Workforce welfare

We help employers provide better conditions to enhance performance and retention. Our well-established customer and colleague protocols mean that we have been able to support our customers with the rigours of Covid-19.


As the drive increases for companies to be more accountable for their footprint, sustainability is at the heart of all of our solutions, without the permanence of our offering compromised.

Modulaire Group is well placed to take advantage of future market opportunities